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Zumba, Yoga and more –

Fitness classes in Sinsheim

On this page you can find explanations regarding our courses.

ZUMBA – Move with joy!

ZUMBA is a dance/fitness programme that encourages you to move your body to the sounds of Salsa, Samba, HipHop and Mambo.

ZUMBA exercises are executed at different tempos and rhythms, which allows you to build up good endurance, while having lots of fun!

You will learn new steps in every lesson to create a complete choreography. ZUMBA does not require any any prior knowledge – just fun with moving to the music!

Active in your life!

In cooperation with the breast centre of the GRN hospital in Sinsheim, we offer specialized courses for women who suffered from breast cancer.

With competent administration you can regenerate your endurance and fitness in a specified fitness group and learn to find your inner peace.

Yoga – Relax at Reha-Med

Yoga is an old indian technique to harmonize your posture and breathing. Originally it was used to achieve spiritual or religious goals.

Today, Yoga can help you to relax, work off stress and improve your agility.

Balance – Find your inner Peace

Leave your daily routine by stretching your energy gates.

Where are pain points in my body and how can I get rid of them?

Relax your spirit with Qigong exercises and calm down.

If you wish you can combine the Balance programme with Yoga or Pilates.

Spinal fitness

Spinal fitness prevents your back pain to become chronical.

In our spinal fitness course you will learn how to relax your back and how to spare your back from having preventable pain.

SMOVEY workout

Smoveys are two green plastic rings with 4 steel bullets, which are causing vibrations.

These vibrations tease your muscles and organs, which affects your nervous system in a positive way.

This sports equipment is perfect for walking exercises.

Functional muscle support

This courses purpose is to make you more persistent and more efficient in terms of sports.

Balance and strength are getting combined in this training.