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Medical Training

at Reha-Med Sinsheim

The purpose of our Medical Training in our Health Centre in Sinsheim is to rebuild muscles. The training is also good for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Treatment examples

Muscular deficits of the locomotory system can appear after accidents or even operations.

Muscular deficits after knee operation are critical, because the knee can not be burdened with pressure after the operation and loses muscular strength.

With the medical training at Reha-Med the muscles can be rebuild in a healthy way, not only the muscles located at the knee but on the complete leg, to prevent hip pain etc. Chronic pain often affects the patients back. If the pain is active for a long period of time, the result is muscular wasting. In some cases, the pain can even get worse if the current training is not specific enough.

The task of our team is to prevent the patients pain from getting worse. If that is done, our therapists will try their very best to get rid of the patients pain.

It is important for a patient to know that this kind of therapy can be very time consuming.

Reha-Meds Subject of expertise

Reha-Meds subject of expertise is to eradicate muscle deficits while having a trained eye on the symptoms of the patient.

The requirements therefor are qualified therapists and a high quality training/therapy. High quality training does not only consist of gym equipment but also a specified training plan.

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