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Physiotherapy is an essential part of modern medicin. The goal of physiotherapy, is to restore body functionality and movement.

What should a patient expect, when visiting physiotherapy?

When a patient has to go to physiotherapy to the Reha-Med Health centre, an amnesis will be made on the first visit.

This means the patient tells the therapist about his medical records and describes his pain etc. After that, the therapist takes a look at the patients radiographs and surgery records. With this information, the therapist can create a specified therapy plan in collaboration with a doctor and the patient.

The therapist and the doctor of the patient sty in contact with each other to provide the best possible outcome.

Physiotherapy treatment: Back pain

A patient gets a letter of referral from his doctor in which is stated that he has to visit physiotherapy because he is unable to move some parts of his body properly. In this case parts of his back.

In the first talk with the therapist, the patient reveals everything about his pain.

Since when is the pain there? Where exactly is the pain located?

After that, the therapist checks the areas which are painful to move according to the patient (e.g.: lumbar vertebra, hip joint, spine etc.).

The therapist then diagnoses the radiographic image and does some tests with the patient. After the patient and the therapist scored some results, they both discuss what would be the best therapy for the patient.

When the therapy has started, the therapist will apply several techniques to improve the agility and mobility of the patient.

The therapist then tries to stabilize the lumbar vertebra of the patient. The therapist will create a training plan for the patient. This plan is specially created for the patient and considers the daily life of the patient.

The success of the training is measured in power tests. According to the results of the power test, the training plan gets changed, or stays the way it is. The training takes place before the therapists trained eyes.

Manual lymphatic drainage

The manual lymphatic drainage is an important part of physiotherapy and high performance sport. It helps to release swollen body areas after an accident or a surgery.

By putting pressure on the swollen areas, the lymph wicks away.

The lymphatic drainage is also a good preparation for surgeries or to relieve the patient from pain.

Sports physiotherapy of the “German Olympic sports Confederation”

This therapy is made for athletes, who go to the limits of their capacity.

After an overload of stress on the muscles, this therapy helps to get the muscles in a healthy shape again. This therapy is held with strict compliance to the principles of “Evidence based medicine”.

Manual therapy

The manual therapy is one of the fields of physiotherapy in our Health Centre.

It is specialized for the manual treatment and examination of the locomotory system.

Equipment supported physiotherapy

This therapy is very similar to the normal physiotherapy but it features a lot of equipment that helps the patient to get back to a healthy condition and stimulate your nervous system.